Skipping To The Right Message At The Right Time

Did you see that AdAge article that claimed 2013 is the year of the video? Whether you agree with Antony Young or not, with YouTube’s new subscription service, the rise of Vine, and the weight Facebook’s Edgerank puts on video, marketers should be more interested than ever in video. Marketers and advertisers are creating captivating content marketing and full-length ads specifically for YouTube and Hulu audiences. But why aren’t they optimizing those In-Stream ads that show up before and during your favorite cat video?

While TV is still the Holy Grail for advertising executives, marketers might want to start putting more weight on online video. Data from comScore Video Metrix reveals that in April 2013, Americans watched over 13 billion video ads – that’s billion with ‘B’ – mostly on YouTube. According to this survey, video ads are about 20 seconds yet how many people make it that long before skipping to their video? Personally, I simply wait the five seconds for the “Skip” button to appear so I can continue to my favorite Boxer Puppies Playing. Am I the only one?

In Why We Buy, Paco Underhill found that when we enter a grocery store to specifically buy milk, we are deaf to marketing. Only after that milk is in our hands is our mind is free to be influenced, assuming we’re not now focused on getting back to our bowl of Golden Grahams. The brain is very limited in how much attention it can expend and while these blinders help us focus, they also create challenges for marketers advertising online, especially when you can simply “Skip” the message.

Sure enough, using Eye-Tracking technology, tech analyst Liron Segevs conducted a small study and found that people are like me and simply wait the mandatory five seconds to “Skip” to their video. Furthermore, they had no recollection about seeing these ads.

So there you have it; YouTube ads are useless, right?

Not so fast.

While pre-roll ads appear as effective as banner ads, those Pop-Up, text-based ads that appear in the middle of your video performed significantly better. Seems that, like in the grocery story, once your mind is free from the focus of getting to that milk, you’re ready to be influenced.

Armed with this insight, marketers and advertisers are left with a fundamental truism that is neither original nor rocket science; successful marketing is all about the right message at the right time. Or, more specifically as Segevs says, “… if the advert is text-based, and appears while watching the clip and not before, and the text is related to what they are watching, then people do click on it.”


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