Customized Automation

I come across interesting charts and articles all the time but I recently stumbled over a visualization of what types of emails are opened and which are destined for the bin. If the Eloqua data is correct, personalizing the subject line of an email is more effective than using a company name, a person’s name, or using an explanation mark.

And this makes sense. When humans are inundated with information, we scan the noise to identify the most important inputs and direct our energy where it is most needed.  If your inbox is overflowing with Google Alerts, Mom checking in, friends confirming weekend plans, LinkedIn updates, and email marketing messages, it makes sense that you quickly scan unopened items looking for familiar words and names with which are familiar. I have fallen for SPAM that starts with “Re: following up” because it looks like it is a legit.

Marketers who are aware of this human behavior can develop their email marketing campaigns accordingly by finding ways to personalize the subject line of their outreach, and time should be given for finding ways to customized automated messages. Of course those of us who have managed email campaigns already know this from experience and I often looked for innovative ways to incorporate a personalized subject line in my automation efforts. After all, you can’t disseminate information or convert your database into sales if no one opens your message.


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