Ban Banner Ads?

A discussion in my Emerging Media and Mobile Marketing class reminded me of an article I read last May in BusinessWeek about a study on eye tracking using heat maps, showing, as you and I know, that no one really looks at banner ads.

So they’re totally worthless right?

And CPM is a rip-off?

It got me thinking….

Although we may not be looking directly at banner ads, studies have long shown that even our peripheral vision is enough to pick up details, make associations and even prime us for future communications. So while the banner ad alone is not likely the most effective way to generate sales, it seems to me that it can be a powerful way to reinforce a brand or product, ensuring top-of-mind, and familiarity for when the purchasing decision is made.

And that has a value.

What I am really wondering is how this knowledge will translate if technologies like Google Glasses take off.


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